What happens to your waste & recycling?

All of your mixed waste will go to our authorised recycling centre & waste recovery facility in Wembley. Our authorised facility is designed to handle commercial, industrial and household waste streams and all mixed waste and recycling arrives directly at our authorised material recycling centre & waste recovery via our fleet of vehicles. The recyclable elements are picked out & dropped into bays where they are baled & sent to various re-processing plants.

 Rfl make sure your recyclable items are re-used to make other products:


  • Paper & card produces newsprint for daily newspapers, toilet roll & cardboard tubes
  • Glass is made into fine glass sand and used to make bottles and jars, fibreglass, concrete & asphalt for road surfacing.
  • Aluminium and Steel make new products such as cans and car parts
  • Plastic Bottles are reprocessed into new bottles
  • Food & Drink cartons are used to make new paper products,  the remaining plastic and aluminium can then be used in furniture, to generate energy

 Over the last 12 months our targets have been exceeded and in October 2012 Rfl achieved 0% to landfill.


If you wish to Separate Your Waste from recycling…


  • Rfl can provide you with separate collections for all types of recyclables.
  • Separated recycling collections are available for cardboard, glass, plastic, paper, food, aluminium  & steel
  • Our service is very flexible and we are here to advise you of your best options.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual waste & recycling reports are available so you can see how much waste you generate
  • All customers are provided with a Senior Waste & Recycling consultant dedicated to their account

Before deciding if you wish to separate your recycling please contact our waste and recycling consultants on 020 8201 0001 who will tailor make a plan so that you reduce your costs immediately.. Just one call, we do it all.

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    With several locations, we needed daily collections from multiple locations.

    Wasabi Co Ltd
  • "Our lack of storage means we have to have 2 or sometimes 3 collections daily - no problem for rfl."
    London Fine Dining Group
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    Grange Hotels

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